So, there are four of these drafts.  Let's start with the first.

        This version is the shortest, written after the period of semi-burnout I
suffered following the "end" (such as it was) of Doors Best Left Unopened.
I'd come to hate Ranma fanfiction a little by then, and was hoping to write
something unlike what I'd been doing since the beginning.  At first, as you
will see (or have already seen) there was no Sailor Moon element to the story,
and I'm not entirely certain where that element eventually did come from; I
have never actually read a Ranma/SM crossover, although I'm told they are

        What to say about this draft?  I no longer remember exactly what I intended
to do here; until I dug this up out of my files, I had completely forgotten
that it existed.  The character of Ledana was supposed to be a rough-edged,
morally ambiguous character, that I recall, and the mysterious ship and her
crew were quite unlike the airship that appears in drafts 2 and 3.  They were
to have come from outside of this world (the isolated world being the only
really consistent element to these stories, I think).  But how did Ledana know
about the key, and what did she want it for?  I dunno.  I really forget what I
intended.  I got as far as I did, looked back, and hated it, though.  The tone
was wrong, and as I was trying to restart my creative engine, I looked on this
as not being worth pursuing.

        So I didn't.  And here it lies, unloved and forgotten.