October 9, 2006

This time around, two pics by previous submitter Brian Webb.  First up is a pic of Ranma from the end of chapter 20, getting very ... very ... ANGRY.  And trust us, you wouldn't like him when he's angry ....


And second is a pic of Mistress V because, as Brian wryly observed, "there are so few of her."  Thanks to Brian for the great work!

March 12, 2006

As promised, here is the new fanart that I have been terribly remiss in getting up.  First up are two new pics by Kaj-Nrig Thao.  First, a friendly reminder to go back and read older stories, created for Teen Read Week.


And second, a very nice charcoal sketch of the mysterious skyship, Desidinder.  Excellent work by Kaj-Nrig Thao, and kudos for taking the time to create these wonderful drawings.


Next up we have two character drawings from regular submitter mondu quiambao.  First up is Ranma in her Sisterhood duelling outfit, holding the key.


And secondly, a Mistress V and her Love-Me whip pic with some text from her first appearance.  Excellent work as always from mondu quiambao.  And thanks as always, not just to these two excellent artists, but to everyone who submits their artwork to the Shadow Chronicles.  Your efforts are always appreciated, not just by me, but by the people who read the story.


October 10, 2005

Okay, I've been a little remiss in getting this pic up, since I promised to post it at the next update.  Which this is, but considering Brian sent it to me in July, it has been a while.  But now it's up for you to enjoy.  Ladies and gentlemen, the latest fanart for this page, courtesy of Brian Webb.  First up, his rendition of ghost ship Desidinder's approach to the abandoned lighthouse:


And next up, Rei's mysterious vision of the tower and the Eye.  Spooky, no?


Beautiful work by yet another talented artist.  Thanks to Brian for his submissions.  Hope you all enjoy them as much as I did.

December 19, 2004

Okay, here's a new piece of artwork just in time for Christmas.  This lovely piece comes to us courtesy of mondu quiambao, featuring the lovely and lethal Rei Hino in her Sisterhood persona.  Rei and Minako conitnue to battle it out for top spot in the fanart sweepstakes.  Who will win?  Well, the ultimate winner is you, the reader.  Kudos to mondu quiambao for the great artwork.


October 3, 2004

And now for some new fanart that I've been meaning to get up for a while.  Jon, who has other works on this page, has come up with a number of new pics.  So take some time, won't you, and enjoy the fruits of his labours.  And if you haven't already, peruse the rest of the page and enjoy the great art submitted by talented artists.  So let's see, first up is ...

casual Piakesti

The first one is this pic of Metro ETF Sgt. Meaghan Piakesti, doing the casual thing.  No monsters to shoot today, eh, sarge?

Combat Piakesti

And here she is, ready to rock with the baddest monsters in the city.  God, I love a woman in uniform ...

Ranma's new clothes

Here's girl-type Ranma wearing the new duds Minako picked out for her.  Now how's Ranma ever going to pay her back for that?  Hmmmm ....


Here's the princess herself, looking charmingly unbuttoned.  Wonder who undid all those buttons?  The list of suspects is indeed long!  ^_^


That Venus, she does love to strike a pose, doesn't she?  As it happens, I also love a woman out of uniform ....

little french maid?

Here's Jon's take on the battle maid outfits that showed up a couple chapters back.  Hey, even I didn't make them actually do the dusting, though.  Poor Ranma.  Is it his fault he looks good in everything?

Attack-dog Ranma

Now here we have a gem; girl-type Ranma, all done up in Rei's Sisterhood duelling clothes.  Jon vehemently denies that Ranma is sitting on a clear cube because he hates drawing backgrounds, and I for one believe him.  And so should you.  ^_^

Ranma and Mina, sitting in a tree ...

And last but certainly not least we have this pic of Ranma and Minako just sharing a quiet moment in between salamander attacks, riots and world-threatening crises.  It almost makes you wish those quiet moments could last forever ... but then, the story would get mighty boring, wouldn't it?

So there you have it, eight new pics by the man who calls himself simply ... Jon.  Excellent work!  Thanks and kudos to Jon for his effort and talent!

August 10, 2003


Here's a new submission from Jon, formerly Vicomte Valmont, who has a Mistress V pic further down the page.  It's a groovy pic of Setsuna Meioh, also known as the lovely senshi of Time, Sailor Pluto.  As Setsuna's legion of fans will be quick to point out, there just aren't enough pics of her on the net.  So, here's one more.  Nice work, Jon.

July 15, 2003


Here's the picture I mentioned on the front page, another lovely piece by fan and artist Dave Menard.  I can't believe I forgot to post this since January!  My humblest apologies to Dave, and kudos again for the exquisite work!

AUGUST 28/02


This update brings two more great pics from Dave Menard.  The first is another of the series' bad girls, Wynneth, the vampire who would be a goddess.  She's evil, cunning, manipulative and sexy, and those are her good points!  Nice work, Dave!


And next up from Dave is the enigmatic resident of Aethyr, Dragon.  Don't you just wanna run up and give him a hug?  Er, no, me neither.  Thanks to Dave for more pics to fill out the roster of characters!  And all you artists out there, keep those fabulous pics coming!

AUGUST 19 2002


Here is the first of two new submissions by Quatre Mousse, entitled "Black Omega": the mad scrawlings inside the abandoned Door from chapter 8.  Very nice work by Quatre Mousse.  And next ...


Also from Quatre Mousse, another picture of the ever-popular Mistress V, by far the winner of the most picture submissions for a senshi in this story.  Just goes to show you what a little black leather will do for a girl, eh?  Thanks to Quatre Mousse for these two pics!


Continuing with our theme of lovely, slightly depraved senshi in black leather ... yes, you guessed it.  Mistress V makes the scene again!  This time it's a submission by Vicomte Valmont (hmmm, submission ... Freudian slip?)  A very sultry pose by our favourite mistress ...

It was beginning to look like nobody else would be able to get any screen time, what with young Miss Aino's alter ego hogging the limelight.  But talented artist Dave Menard stepped up to the plate bravely, determined to spread the wealth around.  First off, he decided that the bad girls needed some attention:


Yes, it's the lovely and lethal Saekianna der Kae, High Priestess of Dasma's Sisterhood, looking ready to dish out her personal brand of discipline.  Nice work from Dave.  But he didn't stop there ...


Another senshi finally appears to challenge Minako's supremacy!  The most "talented" of the senshi, Makoto Kino, pictured here in her riding gear.  Very nice, indeed.  But Dave has once more pic for us this month ...


Yoiks!  Is Mistress V more than our boy Ranma can handle?  Apparently so!

 APRIL 22/02


Here's one by Emily Ma, as she described it: a black and white, sad-looking Akane with long hair.  Why's she sad?  maybe because she hasn't been in the latest story ...


And a second by Emily, the three Tendo sisters together, this one in colour.  Nice work by Emily.

Michelle Prosek submitted this lovely picture of Ranma and Minako in the aftermath of the fight against the Nightmistress.  Minako now leads the senshi in fanart with two pics to none, a fact I'm certain she would be smug about!  Thanks, Michelle.

March 30, 2002


Hey-ho, readers.  First up in new fanart is this picture by Jacie Everdell of the end of Doors, with Akane cradling an injured Ranma while Ryouga, Reiko and Ukyou look on.  Very nice, isn't it?


And then we have this piece by Matt Denny, his rendering of Minako Aino, the illustrious Sailor Venus.  In the strange world of Clear Day, however, she has another identity, one that involves black leather and raw sex appeal: meet Mistress V!  Nice work, Denny!

Older Fanart

Ah, the slightly ecchi scene that generated a lot of response from the readership. But ladies, why do you keep suggesting new victims to be caught in the spider's web? Naughty, naughty ... ^_^ Anyway, this piece is by Krista Perry. Nice, eh?

Well, here's my first piece of fanart based on The Shadow Chronicles! It was submitted by long-time reader Philip Gavigan and features Riana, Lady of the Aerkinma with some of her minions. Nice work, and thanks to Philip!

Riana and some loyal Borgunma, by Philip Gavigan (To see the full sized version, click on the image above.)

So there you have it, lots of new fanart by talented artists.  It took a while, but I'm finally able to share these wonderful pictures with everybody once more.  Kudos go to all the readers who have taken the time to submit their work here.  They all put a lot of work into their pictures, and it shows.  I always love getting fanart, it adds a whole new dimension to the experience of the story.  I hope you all enjoy these pics as much as I have, and I'll see you here next update, hopefully with more art to share.