Here are a few places I go when perambulating around the great wilderness of the internet.  In case you care.

NOTE: For anyone having trouble downloading chapters from this page (which does seem to happen to the odd person for reasons I can't seem to fix), you can go to Blood Blade's Story Archive. The story is separately archived there, plus he has lots of other stories available to peruse.

Hearts of Ice by Krista Perry: If you haven't heard of this story, you must have been living under a rock. One of the most popular Ranma stories ever, winner of a raft of web awards, this story has it all. A sweeping epic tale with romance, intrigue, and danger, filled with vivid imagery and wonderful characterization that'll leave you hungry for more. She's also started an Innuyasha fic and a Please Save My Earth one. Check out Krista's work if you haven't already. You won't regret it.

Drawings by Lyn Daniel: The pictures I've used on my page came from here, with Lyn's kind permission. She's got lots of other great pictures, too (including one of Nabiki that's a favourite of mine!) She's a big Ryouga fan, too.

Sluggy Freelance:  Worship the comic.  You know you want to.  Not since the days of Bloom County have I followed a strip with this much fervor.  Eh, fervor, obssessiveness, why split hairs?  Just go read the adventures of Riff and Torg, Bun-Bun, Aylee, and a host of wackos, aliens, demons, talking animals and what-not.  And decide for yourself: Gwynn or Zoe?

Folding@Home:  Stanford University is running this project which uses distributed computing to study protein folding and mis-folding in order to help cure disease.  You download their program and your computer runs simulations for them in its spare time, then sends in the results.  Much like the better-known seti@home project; you can even create or join teams.  I'm part of team 73, run by Harry the Dog, a charming Corgi who belongs to some friends of mine.  It's a worthwhile cause and you get a really neat screensaver to boot.