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Marco and his new brother, Anthony.

Anthony, Sofia, Mackenzie, Marco, Cameron (with new glasses) and all of the Wiggles.  (I'm guessing Red-Shirt Wiggle never watched classic Star Trek.  Don't beam down, Red-Shirt!)
Sister Kelli with her boys.  Smile, proud mama!
Mackenzie on the ice before an Ottawa 67's game, after winning the "Be a Star" contest at Canadian Tire.  Got team-signed jersey, skated around with the players, the whole shmoozle!
Cameron looking innocent.  Don't be fooled.  During the summer, I discovered Cam shares his mangy old uncle's love for comic books.  We had a superhero showdown in the pool.  I was Doc Ock.  He was Spider-Hulk.  Spider-Hulk SMASH!  Justice triumphs again.

Dad and Ronda signing Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler" at Mum's 60th last year.  Not a sight to be missed.

My parents, my sisters and me at Mum's 60th last year.  Did I mention it was a surprise party?  Well, she was surprised all right.  A good time was had by all.


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